About the Community Cartographers Project

The Community Cartographers, in partnership with SKETCH and supported by Councillor Mike Layton of Ward 19, want to map the human element of creativity with the community surrounding the new Artscape YOUNGplace hub that is being built at 180 Shaw Street. We want to know where the community undertakes creative activities: both programmed and spontaneous, places where people are inspired, and where community members feel there is a lack of creative pulse. We want to know who has access to creative space? What kind? And where in the community creative space is accessible for all members of the diverse community?

We want YOU to get involved by contributing to one of our posters, filling out our survey, or submitting a post of what you find creative to this site or our email, or a photo with the #mapTO19 or @CCartographers on twitter, or to our Facebook page.

The Team

Sarah Hubbs: Urban Planning Masters Student, University of Toronto

Jessica Hunter: Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator, SKETCH

Alison Creba: Artist and Illustrator  

Major Partners

SKETCH Working Arts

Mike Layton: City Counsillor, Ward 19


Joshua Layton: Urban and Graphic Designer

Hannah Yeung: Architecture Major, University of Toronto